In our years as an FTC team, we have come across problems with our engineering notebook. We started off using PTC Mathcad our first year (Ring It Up), however, it was hard to keep organized and we had trouble remembering to fill it out. We also found it slow going, especially with a fairly large team. During the Block Party and Cascade effect challenges, we used a hand written engineering notebook. It was faster than using Mathcad, and easier to incorporate hand drawn sketches. On the other side, it was a hassle to pass around the notebook with such a large team, especially since everyone wanted to leave at the same time, and it was often hard to read the hastily written handwriting. We came up with a script so that everyone can fill out an entry on their own phone or computer and the document is compiled for us automatically. This has proven to be extremely useful, as it is quick and easy to write an entry, as well as incorporate pictures.

For more information on how we did it, check out the README of our GitHub repository: