March STEM Challenge: Beautiful Bridges

Build a bridge!

For general information on the challenge format, click this link!

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  1. Build a bridge from any materials!
  2. Try testing how much weight the bridge can hold or how far it can span.
  3. Be creative! Try to add an artistic element to your bridge.
  4. Try different designs, we suggest using triangles to make the bridge be able to hold more weight.
  5. Feel free to work with family and friends!

If you aren’t sure where to start… 

Brainstorm with some of these simple bridge designs:

Use legos to build a bridge

Make a bridge using only marshmallows and toothpicks

Try to make your own bridge design! 

Test different places and weights for your bridge: 

Use pennies, coins, or any other everyday items in your house to see how much weight you bridge can hold. Try building a bridge in between chairs.

Challenge #1: try to make you bridge span over 4 feet 

Challenge #2: try not to use glue in your bridge

What cool designs can you build in?

If you want to learn more about bridges, physics, or architecture, here are some websites to bridge the gap!

Library Resources

We are super excited to be working with the Lincoln Library! They have curated book and website lists for students of different ages to learn more about physics and architecture! Visit the library website to access these resources!

We are also excited to be partnering with the Goodnow Library in Sudbury! Their booklist can be found here:

General Guiding Questions/Suggestions:

  1. What kind of bridge did you decide to make?
  2. What materials went into building your bridge, and did it hold?
  3. How did the bridge change while building? 
  4. Do some research on the physics behind how your design worked, or why it didn’t.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What was your favorite part of the challenge?
  2. Did anything unexpected happen?
  3. What challenges did you overcome? 
  4. What did you learn?
  5. Did you have to change the structure and how did that change the results?
  6. How did you make your bridge creative or unique?
  7. What was your favorite part of the building process? 

To submit:

  • Send a picture of your creation and answers to the optional questions if you filled them out to by March 31st your creations will be featured on the GearTicks website!
  • Feel free to include any planning you did as well as your favorite part of the challenge!
  • Your submissions can be a google document, PDF, image, or just an email

If you have any questions feel free to email!

If you enjoy these STEM Challenges, you may be interested in FLL Explore. FLL Explore is a Lego Robotics program for kids ages 6-10. For more information, you can visit this page or email us!