2018-2019 season: Rover Ruckus


As you can see, we put a lot of time and effort into our robot in order to make it how it is today. There are many iterations that we’ve went through, but here are just a few facts about our robot:

Drive Train:
After much deliberation, we decided on a folding drive train for many reasons. It helps us get on and off the lander, by having a variable height. Additionally, it helps in our autonomous program, as we can easily drive around without hitting the minerals
We use custom molded silicon intake ticks for our robot. These ticks are great, helping pick up minerals from the crater. In conjunction with the program, it helps automatically pick up hold minerals, allowing for easier driver control
Tape Measure:
Though a small size, this compact mechanism is a behemoth at dropping off the team marker. In fact, it can extend upwards of 84 inches without breaking. It reliability drops of the team marker, and saves crucial time during autonomous
The cam gear is perfect for building up the necessary force to shoot up minerals into the cargo hold. In conjunction with our rotating tube (for aiming), we are able to shoot the minerals inside the cargo hold at an unprecedented speed and accuracy.
Not only making us shine on the field, these LEDs also have a use to them. These LEDs change color to whatever color mineral is in the intake. The flexibility of showing colors on our robot gives the driver information on where to shoot, further enhancing our capabilities on the field

Want to see our robot in action? Email us at hello@gearticks.com