2019-2020 season: Skystone


As you can see, we put a lot of time and effort into our robot in order to make it how it is today. There are many iterations that we’ve went through, but here was our seasons final result:

Drive Train: We decided on a mecanum drive train this year due to its maneuverability. We use our own custom made mecanum wheels, which we created to fit inside the actobotics channel. They are on thingiverse!

Intake: We call our intake mechanism the frog. We use a driven tape measure to extend a custom molded suction cup, and combined with our vacuum system, we can pick up stones from 1 to 6 feet away really quickly! Using a servo driven bender, we direct the tape down so that the suction cup, mounted to a laser cut part with small wheels, can move along the ground at the optimal stone grabbing height.

Transfer: Between our intake and dropoff is the transfer. The transfer makes sure the stone is in the correct position for dropoff. First the stone is released from the intake onto a ramp, which has a flap that’s lifted to make sure the stone is on it’s side, then lowered to let the stone slide down. The stone lands on a plate where it is aligned and rotated to be studs up. The plate and a lowered stopper hold the stone to be picked up by a suction cup. When attached, the stopper lifts and the stone is rotated 90 degrees so that the short side is facing the dropoff suction cup. 

Dropoff: We also use extending tape measures and suction for the dropoff of the stones. Using a many step process, assisted by a multitude of sensors, we transfer the stone from the intake to the drop off. We use two sets of tapes stacked back to back, which we direct out of a single housing, to lift the stone, suction cup, and tubing to a max height of around 5 feet!

Capstone: Our capstone is preloaded, and sits folded up until endgame, where we rotate it into position to be picked up by the dropoff. It brings out to be the correct size, and we stack it just like we would a stone. 

Lights: Not only are our lights cool to look at, they provide help to our drivers during tele-op. Some of their many functions are signaling where we have suction, if we are aligned to the tower, and alerting us to when the endgame is. 

Want to see our robot in action? Email us at hello@gearticks.com