2020-2021 season: Ultimate Goal


As you can tell from the above image, we put a lot of time and effort into our robot in order to make it how it is today. We have gone through many iterations, and all of them helped us come to the final result, which is written bellow:

Drive Train: We decided on a mecanum drive train this year due to its maneuverability. We use our own custom made mecanum wheels, which we created to fit inside the actobotics channel. They are on thingiverse! 

Ring Shooter: Our shooter has a 45 degree range of motion side to side and a 10 degree range up and down. Additionally, by aiming the shooter instead of the whole robot, we are able to make faster, more accurate adjustments. To aim the shooter, we use a zoom camera that is on a servo-driven rotating mount. By rotating, the camera can continuously track the vumark on the tower goal, so that we can automatically aim our shooter from anywhere in the field.

Ring Pickup: To direct rings to the intake, we use assemblies we call wagglers, pop out of the front of the robot, unfold, and spin to help widen the reach of our intake and direct rings to it. Our pop-out wagglers rotate at an angle towards the intake and increase the effective width to 21 inches. We have an intake on both the front and back of our robot. We use custom silicone molded stars on both our primary and kickup rollers.

Wobble Goal: To move the wobble goal in both autonomous and endgame we use a 4 bar linkage driven arm with a claw. Our claw has custom molded silicone grip pads to better hold the wobble goal. 

Programing: We code our robot in java and use github for collaboration.