Team History

The GearTicks have been an FTC team since the 2012/13 “Ring It Up” Season.  As you can see below, we are very proud of the success we have had together as a team!

2017-2018 season: Relic Recovery


Our first qualifier was very successful; we were undefeated in our matches and ended the day as the Captain of the Winning Alliance, which advanced us to the Massachusetts State Championship. We went to the Vermont State Championship where we were honored to win the Inspire Award, advancing us to the East Super Regional Competition in Pennsylvania. We did well in the robot game and received two awards: Third Place Inspire Award and the Rockwell Collins Innovate Award. With those awards, we qualified for the World Championship in Detroit. In Detroit, we placed in the top half for our robot score and did very well in judging. We were one of four finalists for the Inspire Award and were nominated for the Design Award. We are very proud of our success this season, and we can’t wait for Rover Ruckus!


2016-2017 season: Velocity Vortex

At our two qualifiers, we were very successful, with few breakdowns and lots of fun and fast driving. We finished both days as the captains of the winning alliance and the winners of the Think Award. We qualified for the Massachusetts State Tournament, where we also had a fun day! We were the first pick of the finalist alliance, and although we didn’t advance to the East Super Regional competition, we were very proud of our robot’s performance and learned a lot.

2015-2016 season: Res-Q ChallengeFTC_East_Sunday_2-49.jpg

Our league, The Big Dipper League, competed in 6 tournaments, culminating in a League championship where we won the Inspire Award and advanced to the Massachusetts State Championship. There, we were the captains of the winning alliance as well as the winners of the Rockwell Collins Innovate Award, allowing us to advance to the East Super Regional competition. There, we were a part of the Hopper Division Finalist Teams and we won the Third Place Inspire Award, allowing us to advance to the World Championship. At the World Championship, we were the Captain of the Franklin Division Finalist Alliance and a runner up for the Control Award.

2014-2015 season: Cascade Effect
In this season, Massachusetts switched to a league system for regional competitions, while rookie teams continued competing in qualifiers to get to the State Tournament. Our league, aBOT (a Bunch of Teams) was made up of teams from across Massachusetts and we had a great time getting to know the other teams in our league.   We advanced from our league championship to the Massachusetts State Championship, where we won the Inspire Award. We continued to the East Super Regional competition in Scranton, PA. There, we also won the Inspire Award and advanced to the World Championship in St Louis. In St. Louis, we won the Motivate Award and were runners up for the PTC Design Award, Rockwell Collins Innovate Award, and the Control Award.

2013-2014 season: Block PartyIMG_7312

At the Arlington Regional Qualifier we won the Rockwell Collins Innovate Award for our creative robot design, and we were also part of the winning alliance. From here, we advanced to the Massachusetts State Championship, where we won the Inspire Award and thus qualified for the East Super Regional in York, PA. Here, we reached the final elimination round and won the 2nd place Inspire Award, which advanced us to the World Championship in St. Louis, MO. We attended the World Championship in April, where we had lots of fun! While our robot did not make it to the elimination round, we won a Judges Award for our use of fun and new materials on our robot.

2012-2013 season: Ring It Up

In our rookie FTC season, we were part of the Winning Alliance at the Massachusetts State Championship, and did well at several earlier competitions.

Many of us were on the Blue Gear Ticks, an FLL team, that had lots of fun in 2008-2012.
In the 2010/11 “Body Forward” season, we won the Programming Award 1st place at the World Festival and we were a runner up for the XPrize Global Innovation Award.  We won the Champion’s Award 2nd place at the World Festival during the 2011/12 “Food Factor” season.  In addition, in 2011/12 we won the NASA “Food for Thought” Award and got to visit NASA in Houston!