This presentation goes over the basics of Git, a centralized version control system that can control collaboration among programmers. The FTC 6055 Gearticks explain, from experience gained over 8 seasons, the many advantages and few potential pit falls from using Git and Github to store and share programs. The team provides specific examples of the basic and advanced Git functions that they have used to manage their code base across multiple computers and with multiple programmers. It explains how Git allows teams to view and revert changes, switch to snapshots of the program (while retaining the integrity of the overall code base), and keep multiple versions of the same program in parallel easily. In addition, they explain how using Git allows for collaboration and improvement of programmers from different levels of experience and allows novice programmers to engage in developing code and learn by participation in Git. From the presentation, viewers learn how to use Git to manage their code in a more efficient manner, maintain a better history of revisions, and improve teamwork.

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